Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants

Xaerus has partnered with industry experts in the field of physical and analytical chemistry to develop, test and qualify our lubricants that meet or exceed the industry. As commitment to innovation and excellence, Xaerus continues evolving to bring advancement in refrigeration industry such as The New XR 532 as a revolutionary lubrication solution for the recent R-32 refrigerant. For the Ammonia refrigeration system, Xaerus has specially formulated group II mineral oil for optimum performance in the system.

Xaerus offers full range of compressor lubrication solution for all types of refrigerants, including:

  • Ammonia
  • R-22 and R-123 Industrial Chillers / Air Conditioning
  • HFC:
    • R-32
    • R-134a
    • R-404A
    • R-407C
    • R-410A
    • R-502
    • R-1234yf
    • R-1234ze
    • R-245fa
  • CO2
  • Hydrocarbons
    • Ethane
    • Ethylene
    • Propane
    • Propylene
    • Butane