At Xaerus we realize not all OEMs and customers' systems are the same. Creating value to set you apart from your competition is expected and welcomed. We can design specialty lubricants for private label to optimize efficiency, extend equipment life and create sustainable value for the customers we serve. 


Xaerus customers provide us with information regarding issues in the field or performance aspects that they would like to improve. Xaerus works closely with our customers to develop products to improve the performance of their equipment. Xaerus receives input from and provides advice to customers at every stage of the development process including bench testing, field testing and product cost vs. performance requirements. This close collaboration ensures that the products we develop are optimized for our customer's needs.

Our experienced Applications Engineers have decades of combined experience developing and applying specialty synthetic lubricants into some of the most demanding applications. Proprietary engineering programs and tests we developed can model and predict performance in a variety of applications. OEMs and system packagers rely on our lubricant expertise to design and build their own systems to assure optimal performance and reliability. 


Xaerus provides technical support services that provide technical advice related to the manufacturing of industrial lubricants. Xaerus customers supply us with their gas analysis and operating conditions and any other special requirements for the application. Xaerus chemists and engineers calculate the dilution of the lubricant by the gas, determine if there are any potentially reactive or corrosive components and recommend our lubricant that is best suited for the application taking any special requirements into account. If a current formulation does not exist for an application, Xaerus can custom formulate a product that meets the customer's needs. Xaerus also calculates the dew point of the gas and recommends compressor operating temperatures to avoid condensation during compression. This recommendation process is a two-way conversation in which the customer actively participates in the lubricant recommendation process to insure that the lubricant recommended meets all of the needs of the application.

Lubricant analysis has become recognized as a critical component of any plant maintenance program. Xaerus Laboratory services have expanded to include state of the art analytical instrumentation to analyze the condition and performance of most any lubricant. We can design private label programs for OEMS or customers.


Xaerus chemists and engineers receive input from our customers regarding their application, lubricant and goals of their oil analysis program. Based on this input, Xaerus recommends meaningful tests, lubricant property limits, and oil analysis intervals. Customers send oil samples for testing. When the oil analysis results are received, Xaerus comments on the results of the tests. When troubleshooting is required, Xaerus provides advice to customers regarding recommended actions that need to be taken to correct the issue. Xaerus receives input on the results of these actions and modify oil recommendations and oil analysis intervals accordingly.